International Application can be made from anywhere around the world. Candidates living outside of Nigeria can obtain the admission form here, and email it through  Email:  Candidates can also preferably fill in the form directly online, by clicking this link here. .
Submission must be made before the deadline, March through April.

Note that online exam is currently not practiced – all exams must be taken in the school, and under the supervision of the Exams and Records.

Admission into the School is only into JSS1, JSS2, SS1and SS2, through entrance examination. THERE ARE NO MID-STREAM ADMISSION INTO CLASSES, and no admission into exam classes: JSS3 and SS3

Entrance examination is conducted in the second term of every academic year (March/April) and continues for individual candidates who missed the main entrance examination until the best students have been selected for new school session. Registration forms for the entrance examination are obtainable at the Academy and other designated centers before the date of the examination.

Elementary kids in five and six grades and JSS1 from other secondary schools are eligible for the examination.