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We Provide Safe, Secure,
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We believe that building upon children’s experiences

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Established on the 21st of September 1998, TMVCA Nursery School is a private, co-educational school for children from 2 years through Year six. It is a medium-sized school for pupils aged 2 to 5 years.

We have a long standing tradition of academic excellence and good reputation of caring supporting staff. We are committed to providing opportunities and supportive settings to all our students. We also encourage each and every individual pupil to reach their full potentials.


Our mission: is to provide safe, secure, high quality child care and preschool for families within and beyond Umuahia area, with children ages six weeks to Kindergarten. In doing so, we support families in their efforts to help their children reach their goals.

Our focus: is to provide early care and education experiences to promote each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Our Hours:
Monday: 6am-6pm
Tuesday: 6am-6pm
Wednesday: 6am-6pm
Thursday: 6am-6pm
Friday: 6am-6pm

Nursey School

First Term: Begins from September to December with about 3 – 4 weeks holiday.

Second Term: Commences from January to March/April with 3-4 weeks holiday.

Third Term: Starts from April to July and close with 9- 10 weeks vacation.

Application forms and prospectus are available at eh Administrative Office between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm (Monday to Friday). It must be complete3d and returned to the registrar’s office with the following: (a) 2 passport sized photographs (b) Photocopy of birt6h certificate (c) Last class report/transfer certificate where it is necessary or applicable. On the purchase of form pupils shall be given a test called the Entry Behavioural Test (EBT) to be able to ascertain the ability of the child. Dress Code Pupils wear black shoes and white ankle socks, but wears sport dress every Wednesdays and T-shirts on Jeans Trouser for Boys, Jeans Skirts for Girls on Fridays. Uniform School uniforms are obtainable in the school at prevailing prices. Pupils are usually measured when collecting admission letter. Open Day Our Open Day comes up once in a term. This is the day parents/guardians are allowed to visit the school and interact with their wards’ class teacher and make necessary comments.

Our school is blessed with competent and dedicated teachers and a comprehensive curriculum. The curriculum has been properly planned so as to allow a wide range of subjects for children academic work.

The classrooms are well arranged with low teacher/pupils ratio. This creates room for individual attention to children so that differences which exist in pupils are catered for. Our school is equally blessed with qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers who are versed in Classical & Montessori method of teaching. Apart from these, teachers assist the children in voice training, handling musical instruments, phonetics and psychological development programmes. All these are put in place to ensure an all round development.

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The school operates an effective transportation systems to convey pupils to and from school with affordable charges. The comprehensive list of all routes covered by the buses is available at the administrative office.

The gate into the school is opened before 7:00am. Parents and guardians are expected to collect their children and wards (Nursery & Primary) not later than 4:00pm. The Day- Care has up till 5:00pm to do so. However, if any parent or guardian defaults on this arrangement, such shall attract a fine for lateness. Parents and guardians are advised to inform the school authority of absence from school of the child or ward.

All work and no play, it is widely believed, makes Jack a dull boy. We embark on excursion to places of interest every term. Apart from this, the school organizes End of Term Party for Pupils to round off the term. The children are encouraged to join clubs like Red Cross, Press Club, Jet Club, Literary and Debating Society, Drama, Choir, Home Makers Club, Karate Club, Ballet Dancers Club, Swimmers Club, etc.

The school runs a Sick Bay for FIRST AID ONLY. The Sick Bay is adequately stocked with necessary drugs as well as equipped with modern Clinical gadget and Utensils with certified Nurses in attendance. However, parents are advised to keep any sick child at home.

The School fees for each term are payable I to the designated Banks at least two weeks before resumption. It is the policy of the school to keep fees at a realistic level commensurate with good facilities for the education of the child. That apart, a full term notice is required before the withdrawal of a pupil or a term fee is paid or forfeited in lieu of notice. However, pupils making a change from their schools into ours are expected to obtain official records from their previous schools.

It is believed by the management that only happy and dedicated members of staff can translate the lofty vision of our school into achievement. To this end, necessary welfare packages are extended to the staff. Pupils welfare are also attended to with equal seriousness. Regular training and workshops are organised for staff to enhance their individuality and collective effectiveness. Change of Address Parents and guardians are advised to inform the school authority of any change of address.

All parents should endeavour to attend PTA Meetings and contribute to the development of the school. The aims and objectives of the PTA are: •To promote mutual understanding among parents and harmonious relations between teachers and parents. •To promote the progress and development of the school as well as the general welfare of the pupils. •To assist in enhancing the academic and moral development of the pupils.


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