1. Don’t neglect your daily bible meditation and prayer (Your relationship with God starts the path of daily success)
  2. Don’t ignore the bell to any school programme (It trains you in prompt obedience and godly discipline)
  3. Don’t drop any trash/rubbish on the floor or compound (“Cleanliness”, they say, ‘is next to godliness).
  4. Don’t eat on the way or in the class (For the preacher says, “There is time for everything under the sun”).
  5. Don’t forget to aim at learning everything straight from your teacher (Nothing is better than hearing first hand from the expert).
  6. Don’t distract your neighbor from listening or studying (This is an academic sabotage punishable by…)
  7. Don‘t refrain from asking questions when you don’t understand or are confused (Asking question is an in indispensable companion of the learning process).
  8. Don‘t refrain from answering questions in the class (It is the only test without penalty).
  9. Don’t forget daily review of today’s lessons; preview of tomorrow’s lessons; and integration of what has been learned so far (For this is the key to effective Classical learning).
  10. Don’t hate any subject or teacher even in your heart (You will hurt yourself more than you think).
  11. Don’t speak vernacular within the Classical Community (English and French need all the practice for proficiency).
  12. Don’t be tempted to hurt your neighbor, especially the weak (You may incur the wrath of the school majority).
  13. Don’t open your neighbour’s locker in his/her absence (You may be rewarded with the deadly fruit of shame and punishment).
  14. Don’t be intimidated or suffer in silence (The Principal and Staff are there to guide, care and protect you.).
  15. Don’t violate the voice of the resident Judge within you (Enlightened conscience is God’s Judge to approve or disapprove all actions).

16. Don‘t forget to give thanks to God and man (lt is a spring of blessing for time an eternity).