Name; Analaba Praise Esther
Nickname; Ariez
D.O.B; 3rd August
Class; Science
Gender; Female
Post Held; Deputy Utility Prefect
Phone Number;
Facebook/Twitter; Kandie Chokolate
Residential Address; Abia
Hobbies; Dancing, singing & singing
Likes; Honesty, Love & hope
Dislikes; Betrayal, Lies
About Me; A girl crazy about music and dance
Best Teacher; Mrs Helen Okereke, Mr Chinedu Okorie
Experience In School; One week experience
Memorable Day; 29th July 2017
Words of encouragement for the school: Classical On top
Hopes & Aspirations; A doctor with a difference and a famous dancer
Parting Words; The bible can keep you from sin or sin can keep you from the bible

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