Name: Ogbonnaya Esther
Nickname: Sparrow
Gender: Female
D.O.B: 2nd April
Class: Arts
Post Held: Deputy Sanitary prefect
Residental Adress: Abia
Phone Number:
Facebook/Twitter: OgbonnayaEsther@facebook.com
Hobby: Reading novels & watching film
Dislikes: Backbiting & Hypocricy
About Me: Am someone who likes making friends
Experiences: The week I was locked up by pastor Ann.
Memorable Day: the day I will walk out of classical dates & never turn back
Best Teacher: Mrs Helen Okereke & Mrs Ihejimaga.
Words Of Encouragement For School: In other to succeed you need to be courageous.
Hopes & Aspirations: Communicator/ Lecturer
Parting Words: No matter what keep fighting till you win.

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